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At Om, we appreciate a good cup of coffee!

When sourcing our coffee, we look for smoothness and complexity, a well rounded, rich flavor with low acidity… and, of course, it needs to meet our high standards in terms of farming practices and business integrity. That’s why we choose Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee – A Canadian roaster based out of Calgary, AB.

“Our secret for a great cup of coffee? Pure mountain water, amazing volcanic soil, old growth coffee trees, and a genuine love and respect for people and the planet.”

We offer a wide range of coffee roasts, Medium, Dark, Angel Espresso, Estate Blend, as well as a Decaf blend, making sure you can find just the right one for you!

Nestled under a canopy of thousands of indigenous trees, Paradise Mountain Organic Farm sits high above sea level in the Northern Chiang Mai region of Thailand.

About the Farm

Invisible from above, our young coffee seedlings grow in an undisturbed forest, home to local and migratory birds. It’s this level of respect for the natural environment that makes Paradise Mountain the only Smithsonian-certified, bird-friendly farm in Thailand.

Our farm is tended by local villagers who are paid above fair-trade wages. These Thai growers and farmers are part of our Paradise Mountain family. We’re constantly learning from each other and sharing growing and harvesting practices together – making us not only excellent coffee farmers but a genuine community.

Wildcrafted methods committed to grow our Arabica beans without chemical fertilizers and pesticides that would do more harm than good. This makes our way of farming slower and some would say a little more difficult, but we believe in doing things right – for people, the environment, and your morning coffee.

About the Process:

Roasted to order, master roaster Shawn McDonald shares a bit about the process:

We roast the beans a little longer to reduce scorching to create sharper tones and less bitterness in your cup. All of our blends are roasted individually to capture each bean’s optimum roasting point, creating a wider spectrum of taste and distinct, individual flavors.

After roasting, we get the beans into a safe place for degassing. When the beans are ready, we package them in one-way valve bags immediately to minimize exposure to heat, light, and oxygen.

Psst… the bags are compostable 🙂


Among receiving the World’s Most Sustainable Coffee Award – PMOC also holds these certs, showing their dedication to providing a truly special and ecological product:



We grow coffee for people who think about their actions and their effect on the world around them, who see the earth and its people as resources to be treasured and protected: who live with intention and are moved by their heart. We want those people to drink great coffee: coffee that is shade grown, certified organic and provides a good living wage to the hard-working people who farm it.


COFFEE with an OM twist:


Adaptogen Coffee with Cacao and Mushroom

Other coffee boosters include:

While we’re on the topic of Coffee…..

We also offer a premium, medium roast Organic Instant Coffee – Super convenient and delicious, take it on the road with you, on a camping trip, keep some in your purse, or enjoy at home if you’re in a rush…

IMG_2471.JPG__42563.1483563219Our instant organic coffee is organically grown highland coffee made from 100% Arabica beans. It is the first certified organic freeze dried coffee in the world.  Carefully selected and separately harvested to bring you the highest quality, mild and naturally rich in flavored coffee.

Honestly, it’s amazingly good tasting coffee!

The freeze-dried coffee process is achieved without the use of any form of preservatives or additives. These highland coffees are guaranteed to be organically grown without the use of any artificial chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizers.


In the mood for a coffee treat?

How about our Heavenly Smooth Organic Truffle Bar – or a  few Chocolate Covered Coffee beans. 😛

Alright, we’re off to make a pot of coffee now…

If you have any questions or want to read more, check-out us out online or visit PMOC Website

Love, Om


Disclaimer: this information is for educational purposes only and has not been evaluated by the FDA or CFIA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All products have been packaged in the same facility as peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, soy, and other potential allergens.

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